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What other animal on earth denatures its food by cooking?

Barely but Living - Thin by Raw
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What other animal on earth denatures its food by cooking?
What other animal on earth suffers from the same range of health conditions we do?

Raw veganism is essentially only eating raw foods. Cooking anything above 105 degrees Fahrenheit kills nutrients by breaking bonds and destroying important enzymes fond in living foods. Most raw foodists are also vegan, and this community is entirely vegan as well. No mentions of animal products should be made on this community unless someone is posting a recipe asking to veganise/make raw the recipe. (If you would like to learn the reasons why veganism is a healthy and humane lifestyle choice, check out choosevegetarian.com.)

This is a pro-ana community for people looking to start or already living a raw food lifestyle. This is NOT a general anorexic community. All posts must be concerned with the living food lifestyle. No posting stats or "I wanna lose weight, how do i do it with raw food? Kthanx."-type things or they will be deleted.

"Fruitarianism alters your mental state, promoting a light and airy mental feeling that some find pleasant. It may sharpen your senses to an extraordinary degree, specifically the senses of taste and smell, and a tremendous improvement of your immune system to resist to every kind of attack of allergies, virus, bacteria, etc. "

"Strict fruitarians usually experience severe weight loss, with weight stabilizing at levels associated with anorexia nervosa or starvation. It is extremely difficult to gain weight on a fruit diet, even if you overeat avocados."

No promoting other communities unless they are strictly raw/living food related. Posts will be deleted and poster will be banned.

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